Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Leather Armor

Snakeskin (+11 def, +3 dex, + 3 spd) 1 speed potion. 

Drake Hide (+14 def, +3 dex) 1 speed potion.                                                 (no photo)

Roc Leather (+15 def, +4 dex) 1 attack or 1 wisdom potion.

Hippogriff Hide (+16 def, +4 dex) 1-1.5 defense potions.

Griffon Hide (+17 def, +4 dex) 4 defense potions (2 vitality)

Hydra Skin (+17 def, +5 dex) 1 life (it's not worth the double price 
for just 1 dex, you might as well get a griffon.)

Spectral Cloth Armor (+14 def, +3 dex, + 3 spd, +3 att) 1 life (very rare)
(no photo)

Coral Silk Armor (+16 def, +4 dex, + 3 spd) 1 life. (much more stable and popular than spectral cloth, it's not worth the att. Just get a coral silk for bonus def and dex, more valuable than 3 att.)

Metal Armors

Dragonscale (+20 def) less than 1 speed potion. 

Desolation (+21 def) 1 speed potion.

Vengeance (+23 def) 1 defense potion.

Abyssal (+24 def) 3.5 defense potions (3 def and 1 att/wis)

Acropolis (+25 def) 1 life potion (8-12 defense: life price is still stabilizing)

Candy Coated (+30 def -10 dex) 8 life

Resurrected Warrior (+17 def, +150 mp, +5 wisdom) 
The price is pending because it is a new item and therefore rare.

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Pots (not normally known as potions) and Introduction to Blog

Welcome to this blog. It will show you the prices to everything on Realm of The Mad God.* First I will do the classic, pots (a.k.a. potions).

Speed: 1/3 or 1/4 of 1 defense. Sometimes 3:1, sometimes 4:1, use this instability to your advantage. Buy def for 3, and sell for 4. This'll help the economy plus you'll gain 1 spd profit. Nickname: Spd Pot

Dexterity:1/3 or 1/4 of 1 defense. As with speed, use instability to your advantage. Make profit from defense vs. dexterity and help the economy of pot trading. Of course, keep in mind that once the price stabilizes, profit will be harder to gain. Nickname: Dex Pot

Wisdom: 1/2 of 1 defense or 1/4 of 1 vitality . Nickname: Wis Pot

Attack: 1/2 of 1 defense or 1/4 of 1 vitality. Nickname: Att Pot

Defense: 1/2 of 1 vitality. Nickname: Def Pot

Vitality: 2 defense. Though other price guides say  otherwise, 1.5 def, I say that if you keep on 2 exactly, it will help to stabilize the perfect price. Nickname: Vit Pot

Mana: 1/3 of 1 life. This is often unstable, like Life, because it is unbelievably rare [only found in ocean trench.] Nickname: Mana Pot.

Life: unstable between 8 and 12 defense (4-6 vit, 2-3 mana approx.), go with the flow of the prices. Any in between 8 and 12 will help stabilize  a price. Choose your own, really. Since it is so rare, people will buy it as high as 16 defense (about 4 mana or 8 vit.) Nickname: Life Pot.

That's all for this post. Next is Metal Armor.

*sourced using blackrabbit2999 omnibus 2.0